Spring is here! The days are getting warmer, and everything is blooming and
green, bringing the promise of new beginnings. Every year nature reminds us
with this gift that we can wipe the slate clean to begin life anew and flourish!
In April our club members will step up to another service project: gathering 50
journals and tea sets to donate to National Crossroads to supplement a
presentation on manners by “The Etiquette Lady.”
These women are newly released from incarceration or in substance abuse
treatment with no available resources, and seek a new direction to bring positive
change into their lives. The program assists in many ways to help them
transition into a better, more stable life situation. We had the pleasure of
personally meeting several women from National Crossroads last year who
attended our 2016 Women’s Opportunity Conference.
We will be donating again to one of my favorite programs, STARS, at San Diego
Youth Services. The STARS program assists minor girls who have been
exploited in sex trafficking. Last year we were able to contribute to their
Mothers Day Luncheon celebrating the girls in the program who are moms and
their kids.
Club members will also step up to participate in the Desert Coast Region’s
service project, Be an Angel. The project will support communities by donating
gift cards in $10 and $25 denominations to EOPS and other agencies throughout
southern California. Grocery store and gas gift cards can be a godsend by filling
in gaps sorely needed by low income families, especially to women in school.
These are a few of many projects the SI La Mesa club is involved in to support
and help women and girls make a better life for themselves.

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