I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather while
we have it. Now that Fall has begun, High Schools,
Colleges and Universities are all back in session. So,
this is the time of year that we continue to work on our
mission of helping to improve the lives of women and
girls through education.
Recently, some of the local Soroptimist groups
decided to start collaborating so that we could deepen
our commitment to the signature Soroptimist program:
Live Your Dream (LYD), by giving more Live Your
Dream Awards and more recognition to the applicants
applying for educational awards. I attended one of
these Live Your Dream (LYD) Collaboration events
last week, and I think this LYD collaboration will
definitely help us achieve and even excel our 2017-18
LYD goals.
SILM will be having the 60th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving
Community Breakfast on November 22, 2017. This
year’s theme fits right in to the LYD awards:
“Saluting Soroptimist International’s Live Your Dream
Catchers, Dream Builders and Dream Builders”
This is also the time of year that most of the clubs
have their fund raising events. Please watch for
announcements for the upcoming fund raisers for all
the local clubs.
President Marlene

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