Improving the Lives of Women and Girls

through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

Best for Women

Best for Women

Soroptimist [suh-rop-tuh-mist] is a coined term meaning “Best for Women”and that is what we strive to be – Women at our best helping other women to be their best.

Improving Lives

Improving Lives

Educate, Empower, Enable – these are the ways in which Soroptimists around the globe help women improve their lives.
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Do you have a passion for helping women and girls? We offer a variety of ways to be involved in what we do.

Every girl deserves the chance
to live her dream!

March News from Prez Max

What a great Bunco event! Just listening to the shouts and the laughter, I know that everyone had a fabulous time (and I suspect we made a good amount of money, too.) We have a lot to look forward to in the next few months. First up is the District III meeting on... read more

February News from Prez Max

Do you like hanging out with your Soropti-Sisters laughing, having lunch, rolling the dice and checking out fabulous raffle items? Then plan on coming to our Bunco event on Saturday February 20. It will be a great time, I promise. Once Bunco is done, we’ll be going... read more

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